Life Members & Club Games


Life Members

Margaret (Hutchie) Culley

Pauline Alchin

Bernadette Gotting

Jillian St John

Ann Brooks

Karen Hislop


Club Games played for the Thistles -at the end 2017

100+ Club games

Jannali Davidson-Fewquandie

Lilly Evans

Grace Vermeer

Tahnee Wright

Marie Wilson

Rebecca Ball

Kylie Terry

Louise Newdick

Andrea Welsh


200+ Club Games

 Lacey Pearce

Loretta Steele

Stephanie Brown

Karen Hislop


300+ Club Games

Lauren Harris

Erin Alchin

Caitlin Gotting

Sharon Pavitt 


400+ Club Games


500+ Club Games


600+ Club Games


700+ Club Games

Pauline Alchin